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Use this page to add content to your SIG page, or to submit an event.  This page is only viewable by Sig Chairs, and others with permission. 

To submit an event: Directly below is where you fill in the details of your event. Then, select the correct name of your SIG in the “Categories” list. This ensures proper categorization of events, and will cause the event, once approved by Joan, to appear on the YAAC master calendar as well as your individual SIG’s calendar. Your SIG-specific calendar is  located on your SIG page. Once you submit an event, you will receive an email confirmation, and Joan will be notified by an automatic email that your event has been submitted, and is awaiting approval.

To submit content: Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see where you submit your content. Content will appear as a “Post” on your SIG page. If you would like, there is an option to enter information about the author. This could be useful for “guest posts”, but can also be left blank. Once you enter the text, photos, videos etc. that you wish to appear on your SIG page, be sure to select your page from the “categories” dropdown menu.

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